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Appointment of HTM GSA LTD. as Cargo GSA Hong Kong by IBERIA Airlines of Spain

Hahn Air (HR/169) of Germany launches newly redesigned website on 30 July 2009

Hahn Air (HR/169) of Germany has implemented 200 IETs worldwide

Nova Airways (O9) of Sudan provides daily direct flights to Asmara, Eritrea; and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The regional and international airpasses of GOL Airlines of Brazil can now be ticketed on Hahn Air (HR/169) BSP E-tickets.

Nova Airways (O9) of Sudan has acquired second CRJ-200ER aircraft previously owned by Malev Hungarian Airlines


Air Mauritius (MK) and Malaysian Airlines (MH) strengthen their partnership

On 09 Nov 2007 CSA Czech Airlines Cargo inaugurated the first on-line freighter service between Hong Kong and Prague.

Attendance of the annual Hong Kong International Travel Expo of 1992 by IBERIA Airlines of Spain GSA Hong Kong, Macau & China

Sponsorship of Hong Kong TVB Station's shooting crew and their famous artistes to Barcelona, Spain, in 1992

Sponsorship of the Mexico World Cup 1986 campaign of the Hong Kong TVB Jade Channel.

Visit to our previous office by our President Mr. Stephen Wong's old friends from the Philippines.